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Let’s grow the conversation and shift the response to workplace bullying.
Let’s go BEYOND BULLYING™ and transform labels, litigation, and legislation
into action, behavior, and respect – because where respect exists, bullying cannot.

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HAB-Interactive Tool: ♦26 Qs to Kick-off the Quest for Respect in Your Workplace [HAB-IT 1]

HAB-Inquiry Tool:  ♦Behavioral Inquiry  [HAB-IT 2]  

HAB-Inquiry Tool: ♦Situational Inquiry [HAB-IT 3]    

HAB-Insight Tool:  ♦Motivational/Functional Inquiry   [HAB-IT 4]  



BEYOND BULLYING: Let’s elevate the conversation from labels, laws, and litigation and restore respect in the workplace – even for the bully.
Published in ACResolution, Summer 2014: [access ACR reprint here]

MEDIATORS NEVER WEAR RED: Is mediation ever an appropriate intervention into workplace bullying, or might we just as well wave a red cape in front of a raging bull?
Published in ACR Workplace Reporter, September 2014: [access full article here].



I was honored to be interviewed by Sharon Rich, visionary leader of ThinkBusinessGrowthWe talked about how businesses can effectively and respectfully address bullying behaviors in the workplace and get back to productive work relationships. [listen here].


INFINITE  RESOLUTIONS  LLC Please visit our company website.

You’ll find info and resources for our full spectrum services in organizational and interpersonal
communication ♦ collaboration ♦ conflict competence:
mediation ♦ facilitation ♦ coaching
supervisor skills ♦ leader development
workplace assessment
dispute resolution systems
integrated strategic process
employee ♦ labor relations


Off the Shelf:  a few of my favorite people, books, and web resources in conflict competence
and leadership development – all highly recommended:

A kindred spirit across the pond, Alan Sharland is a highly respected conflict pro – his work is referenced in the Yale University Resource Guide for Skill Development. Despite our differing time zones, Alan’s perspective and approaches on workplace bullying and mine are extraordinarily simpatico. You’ll find generous resources and solid solutions on his website
Communication and Conflict and blog CAOTICA. Be sure to check out Alan’s latest book,
How to Resolve Bullying in the Workplace: 
Stepping Out of the Circle of Blame.

ThinkBusinessGrowth  showcases a wealth of resources offered by Sharon Rich, a true visionary
in leadership and organizational development.

Wellness In Mind  is the innovative and inspiring work of fitness expert Andrew Garrison, optimizing
all dimensions of wellness – physical, occupational, social, intellectual, emotional and spiritual –
to positively impact interpersonal interactions. 

Being Wrong: Adventures in the margin of error – Kathryn Schulz

Taming the Abrasive Manager: How to end unnecessary roughness in the workplace –
Dr. Laura Crawshaw

The Conflict Pivot: Turning conflict into peace of mind – Tammy Lenski

♦♦♦ What are you reading for professional or personal enlightenment – or just for fun?
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Coming Soon!  Please check back frequently for new tools:

HAB-Insight Tool 5:  ♦The Target’s Guide to Self-Reflection

HAB-InterventionTool 6:  ♦Guide to the Clear/Compassionate/Constructive Confrontation/Conversation

HAB-Intervention Tool 7: ♦Guide to Coaching with the Offender

Building New Organizational and Interpersonal HAB-ITS: Professional phone consultation to support your organization’s implementation of each tool.[subscription service]

Seven-Minute Solutions: Twice-monthly audio blog focusing on immediate – practical – applicable – achievable  actions and attitudes to transform your organization toward respect.[subscription service]


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