why? our mission.

BEYOND BULLYING™ is dedicated to the workplace that seeks to create a culture of respect
from the break-room to the board room.

Set aside your expectations – this is not your typical “anti-bullying” website. There are plenty of sites in the ether-sphere for those who need to match behaviors to a policy definition, or particular personnel with the label of bully or victim.

When the term “bullying” rears its head, does your business seem to spend more time and energy to define, defend, or dismiss, rather than assess, address and act?  Do most of the websites, training, and books you try to access seem to reinforce the need for legislation or set the stage for litigation? 

Ours is a vastly different, down-to-earth approach. The BEYOND BULLYING™ mission is to transform the language of, and response to, inappropriate interactions and distressful behaviors in the workplace. Our perspective, principles and tools reveal, respond to, and resolve  the  organizational and interpersonal factors that often lead to or are labeled as “bullying” – or abuse, intimidation, or harassment; micromanagement or tough supervision; whining or over-sensitivity; incivility or obliviousness.

We’re here for the organization…

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…that wants to focus more on action, less on the distraction and distortion of fitting behaviors and people into labels. When disputes divert you, we’re here to help achieve your business imperative: restore professional and productive relationships so folks can get back to work and your organization can get back to business.

We’re grounded in the principle of respect and dignity; the priorities of attention on action and sustainable solutions; and the perspective of building upon organizational and interpersonal strengths and resilience to replace unproductive patterns of interaction and communication with practical, constructive habits for a healthy organization. And we have a few radical notions to share.

We’re here to raise awareness about the language and labels we use, and to challenge the prevailing paradigm of workplace bullying. We’re here with an alternative: to share tools and resources and effective action approaches that you can use to identify issues before they escalate into crises, help participants develop insights into the functions and motivations of distressful interpersonal and interactional behaviors, and use these insights to choose effective interventions with all involved in the bullying dynamic – the alleged offender, targeted employee, and bystander.

We’re here to encourage conversation and dialogue, and – together – to transform the workplace perspective on bullying from labels, litigation and laws into action, behaviors, and respect

– because where respect exists, bullying cannot.

Dig in, explore, try our tools, use this website to reflect and respond – with respect – and please do share your experiences, strategies, challenges, suggestions, and successes.

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